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Find out what it's like to take courses online at Capella with our free mini course. This non-graded course lasts one week, and you should plan to spend 7–9 hours total on course activities. Our current students helped design this mini course to ensure that you get an accurate impression of the Capella experience.

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What's a Mini Course?

This course includes the type of readings, discussions, and assignments that are part of all Capella courses. You'll walk through the process of submitting a short academic paper — from researching a current issue related to your area of professional interest, to engaging in a discussion with your classmates — without the pressure of a formal grade. A course facilitator is available to answer questions and help you navigate the courseroom. The mini course is offered every two weeks.

What Is Involved?

Your mini course experience will include:

  • Reading an online essay about critical thinking
  • Viewing 2 short videos about constructing effective written arguments
  • Researching a current issue related to your area of professional interest
  • Participating in a discussion in response to your chosen article
  • Writing a 2–4 page position paper
  • Discussing your classmates' papers
Suggested Workload Schedule
Monday Courseroom Tour, Introductions, Required Reading & Videos
Tuesday Profession-Specific Article  Research
Wednesday-Friday Profession-Specific Article  Discussion
Friday-Sunday Assignment: Position Paper
Sunday Optional: Position Paper Discussion

You Get Out What You Put In

To get the most out of your experience, we recommend you participate as fully as possible. The mini course provides a great tutorial to familiarize yourself with Capella’s approach to online learning and helps prepare you to be successful in your Capella courses.

See How the Mini Course Helped Laura Get Ready to Learn Online

The best part was getting comfortable with the expectations so when the graded courses start, I'm already used to the environment…If someone was thinking about trying the free course, I'd say, 'You can't lose.'

Laura Reid, MBA Learner