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How Online Learning Works

Learn Online Anywhere, Anytime

At Capella, you will enjoy the flexibility of earning your degree on a schedule that fits your life. Our online course rooms are designed for asynchronous learning—that is, students and faculty participate in discussions at different times throughout the week. You will not attend class at a specific date and time, but you can expect to complete weekly assignments, reading and participation requirements.

FlexPath: A More Personalized Learning Approach

FlexPath allows you to master your skills and knowledge at your own pace, without the constraint of preset deadlines. Using the knowledge you’ve gained from previous and current work experience, you can move faster through more familiar coursework or slower as you grasp new concepts and skills.

You’ll master all the same competencies as our standard format courses, and earn the same degree. As an added benefit, you pay one flat tuition rate per quarter, no matter how many courses you take, potentially saving you a lot of time and money.

Capella Courserooms Are Designed for Busy Professionals

*Select courses have a required synchronous component.

What Can I Expect?

Each course syllabus will include:

  • Course Summary An overview of the course outcomes and objectives, who the course is designed for and which specific skills you will have learned.
  • Student Expectations Guidelines for your academic work and course room participation, plus Capella policies and procedures.
  • Grading Criteria How course activities and course room participation will be evaluated and weighted for your final grade.
  • Assignments An overview, scoring guide, and instructions to help you complete each assignment.
  • Course Materials All resources used in your course, including textbooks and scholarly articles. Some of your textbooks may also be available online. You also will have access to our online library.

Your course will be divided into 5, 6, or 10 units and you will complete one unit each week. Course length varies by program. Each unit includes the readings, assignments, discussions and other activities you will be expected to complete for the week. In most cases, your weekly assignments will be due on Sunday evenings, but deadlines may vary.

To view the types of discussions, assignments and grading criteria you can expect in your courses, we highly recommend signing up for our free one-week mini course. Mini courses are offered 2 to 3 times per month, and can provide you with a realistic view into the Capella online experience.

Example Weekly Routine

  • Mon
  • Tues
  • Wed
  • Thurs
  • Fri
  • Sat
  • Sun

Starting Monday

Review unit introduction and assignments
Each week, you'll start by reviewing the learning objectives and assignments for the unit, as well as announcements from your instructor. Assignments can include reading textbooks, conducting library research, writing papers, and participating in course discussions.x

Starting Monday

Begin reading, research and writing assignments
Read the assigned textbooks and articles—including materials you'll find in Capella's online library—or complete interactive learning exercises. Then start working on the papers or projects that have been assigned for this week's unit.x

Starting Tuesday

Participate in discussions
Your instructor will facilitate the online course discussions, which make up part of your grade. You'll talk about real-world, career-relevant topics, and you'll benefit from the diverse perspectives of your classmates, who are working professionals.x

Starting Thursday

Complete assignments and assessments
Online learning gives you the flexibility to do homework when & where it works for you, but you need to submit your papers and projects before the weekly deadline. Your instructor will grade your assignments and give you personalized feedback so you can continue to learn and improve.x

Next, we recommend touring our course room.

If you have specific questions about the course room or online learning in general, your Capella counselor will be happy to answer your questions or connect you with a current student in your area of study. Contact us at 1.866.736.1745 or email.

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education (DOE) direct assessment approval requirements, a notification has been submitted to the DOE so that the FlexPath programs may be eligible for federal financial aid. Capella University will keep applicants and learners interested in FlexPath fully informed of any decisions made by the DOE.