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Competency-Based Education

Higher Education Designed for Professionals

Competency-based education is designed around the critical skills, knowledge, theories, and abilities — or "competencies" — required to master the subject matter in your degree program.

Capella's competency-based curriculum is designed for busy, experienced professionals who want to gain the relevant competencies to help advance their career — and in the most efficient way.

Competency-Based Education Is Based on Professional and Academic Standards

Competency-based education is in our DNA. For the past 10 years, we have wholly-integrated and continually invested in a competency-based learning approach throughout our university. As a result, we're able to map academic and professional standards to all of our degree programs and more fully support students as they progress through their program.

Competency-based learning is comprised of 3 main elements:

4 Benefits of a Competency-Based Curriculum


In-Demand Expertise

Because of our due diligence in uncovering the most desired skills and knowledge of the top performers in your field, you can be confident that your Capella degree will translate into in-demand expertise. Not only will you understand critical concepts, but you'll be able to demonstrate mastery of these skills.


Knowledge You Can Use Today

Every assignment is meaningful and purposeful because they are all aligned with academic and professional standards. Your readings, discussions, and other coursework are designed to give you the relevant information you need and to develop the capabilities you can use immediately in your career.


Learning You Can See

In addition to grades and ongoing feedback from your instructors, you'll be able to visualize your progress toward your Capella degree via your real-time competency map.

Competency Map

Use this one-of-a-kind tool to understand how criteria within each assignment are connected to your overall course competencies. You will know where you stand after every assignment and see where you might need extra help in your courses.


Valued by Employers

High-performing organizations understand their success depends on the capabilities of their workforce. These employers recognize the value of a competency-based education because they see the real impact it has on employee performance.

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